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Whidbey Maker’s Studio

Raw Edge Celtic Pentagram Altar Board/Tray

Raw Edge Celtic Pentagram Altar Board/Tray

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Made from the wood of the Linden tree, this altar stand is engraved with a multitude of magickal symbols. Linden is the tree of both Venus and Aphrodite. Revered since the times of ancient Greece and Egypt, the Linden is a sacred feminine symbol. The Celts claimed that the truth would emerge under the shade of a Linden tree.

The centerpiece of the engraving is the Pentacle, the five-pointed star within a circle. The triple goddess is also represented by the moon phases, and in the center of the star is the Triquetra, a powerful symbol of protection. The spirals remind us to always keep learning as we walk our path, revisiting the old while exploring the new.

As these are made from real Linden wood, there will be a natural variation in size and shape. Approximately 9”-11” diameter x 5/8” depth. 

All of our items are handmade in our studio in Washington State. 

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