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Carmen has over 25 years of Tarot experience, and is so excited to have the opportunity to share her divinitory insights with you! These appointments get snapped up quick, so book early!


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Three-card Reading: This reading is great for very simple questions such as, "What will happen if I bring my boyfriend home to meet my parents?". Or, "Is the car dealer trying to sell me a lemon?".  Allow 15-30 minutes for this appointment.


Book an appointment with That Lucky Witch using Setmore

Celtic Cross Reading: This 10-card reading is best for in depth questions. It provides an overview of the situation, including how the situation came to be. We will examine the various factors involved, and look at how things will turn out if you remain on your current path. Questions for the Celtic Cross can be more vague, such as, "I haven't been able to find a suitable partner, what's going on with that?", or, "My daughter wants to go to college out of state. How will the affect our family?". Allow 30-45 minutes for this appointment.


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Roundabout Spread: This 13-card reading is the crown jewel of tarot readings. The roundabout marks out a path to get to where you want to be from where you are now. We will examine such questions as what you have to work with, changes you need to make, who your allies are, how to gain support for your cause, what is being hidden from you, and what your end results will be. This is best for questions like, "How can I win this election?", or, "I want to start a landscaping business, what is the best way to go about that?", or, "I want to divorce my partner, how can I ensure that I don't get steamrolled in the process?". Allow 45-60 minutes for this appointment.


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Private Party (Whidbey Island only): Book a tarot reader for your next party or gathering! Your guests will love having a chance to sit with a reader with over 30 years of experience, and ask their most burning questions. Readings are generally around 10 minutes per guest. Be sure to book the number of hours you feel meets your needs.

After booking, Carmen will contact you to set up all the details.


Book an appointment with That Lucky Witch using Setmore

In-person Reading (Whidbey Island Only): This is a fantastic opportunity for Whidbey Island residents! I offer in person readings to my Island clients for a fraction of the cost of a typical one-on-one session with a professional reader. We can delve into your most burning questions in great detail using multiple card spreads and follow up questions.

Allow 30-90 minutes for this appointment. I come to you! Your home, or coffee shop of your choosing. 


What you can expect during a reading:

As our appointment starts, I'll spend a little time getting to know you and the situation you are asking about. BE SURE to come to the appointment with a pretty good idea of what you would like to ask about. Remember, vague questions will get you vague answers. Also try to avoid "Yes or No" questions. We have plenty of time to go in-depth and you don't want to leave with a simple yes or no.


For example, instead of, "Am going to like moving to Texas?", you could ask, "How will moving to Texas affect my life? What will be good about it and what will I not like so much?".


If you are having trouble figuring out how to phrase your question, don't fear! As long as you know what you want to ask about, I can help you figure that out at the appointment, or you may email me beforehand at


I am so looking forward to meeting you!